Want to make a meaningful impact in the world?

Work with us and the future generation of leaders. 

Here at Ranch Camp, we aim to create an environment that fosters campers’ social, spiritual, and emotional growth, by hiring skilled and qualified staff. Ranch Camp looks for staff who are passionate about empowering children to become the best versions of themselves, while bringing their best, unique skills to our employee network.  

Whether your specialty is in child management, horseback riding, rock climbing, art, Judaics, mountain biking, or something else—we want to know what you can do. Tell us the special ‘thing’ that you will bring to camp; even if it’s not something listed under our programming, we want to know about it. 

Certified staff applying for specific positions are qualified to receive extra pay. If you are joining our team with pre-certifications in your assigned area of expertise, please let us know. This helps both you as well as our organization. 

Our Staffing Structure

We’re flipping the script on traditional roles and introducing the ultimate experience with program and bunk staff teams. Instead of pigeon-holing yourself into one role for the entire summer, on a program staff or bunk staff team, you’ll get a wide array of training and opportunities to run activities in multiple areas. We’re not just hiring for specific positions; we’re building a dynamic team of individuals who will be trained to conquer every aspect of our exhilarating programs.

Available Positions

Supervisory Staff

Our supervisory team are the shapers of summers to come.  

The supervisory team contains several essential positions that help keep the camp cogs churning daily. These positions should expect some communication before camp starts and know that their summer schedule may be a bit busier than others. We look to these staff members as role models for our Tsevet Kehillah (staff community) and expect them to set a high bar for others to look up to. 

Program Director

The Program Director (Head of Programs) supervises the Tsevet Mumchim (Program Staff) running activity areas and provides support where needed. The Program Director, along with the Camp Program Coordinator, are responsible for the camp schedule’s setup and dissemination, in addition to monitoring the day-to-day flow of camp. This position also provides feedback for Tsevet Mumchim, ensuring that they are meeting the goals of each program, as well as creating a flow that works for their assigned age groups. Applicants should have at least two years of experience in camp or outdoor education, leading a variety of camp-style programs, and schedule creation. 

Judaics Program Manager

The Judaics Program Manager oversees Jewish themed programming, such as Shabbat services, prayers, and Shabbat prep activities—across camp. They are responsible for leading the coordination of services such as camper-led portions and be inclusive of all ages and demographics. They also serve as partners to program staff, helping them infuse thematic Judaism and Jewish values into camp programs, while also weaving these ideas into everyday camp life. 

Barn Program Manager

This position is not only responsible for programmatic and logistical oversight for scheduling horse use, but also for assessing equine soundness daily. Applicants must be American Association for Horsemanship Safety Instructor Certified and have at least ten years’ experience working with equines in a professional setting. The Barn Program Manager also oversees the farm and garden program at camp. 

Office Manager

Ranch Camp’s Office Manager oversees camp’s most chaotic place—the office. They are responsible for answering phone calls and checking voicemails, assisting in coordinating pickup and drop-off, and checking camper forms for clarity and completion. Being that most of this position is filing paperwork, applications should have prior experience in a clerical-type job, a 75 WPM typing speed, and ability to work in a fast-paced environment. 

Health and Wellness Center

The Mir’Pa’Ah (Wellness Center) is the department of both maladies and happiness. They are there to help Chanichim (campers) stay as healthy as possible so they can enjoy camp to the absolute maximum. They are also responsible for all medication administration and storage, ensuring that all Colorado Regulations and American Camping Association guidelines are being followed.

Camp Clinic Director

The Camp Health Director supervises the Mir’Pa’Ah and the regulation of all things medical at camp, and must be an RN, LPN, or MD. They are expected to assist Chanichim at any time of the day or night, if needed. They are provided with private housing near the Mir’Pa’Ah. All campers who are seen at the Mir’Pa’Ah must be logged digitally with detail and clarity for future reference and use. This role is also responsible for coordinating the medication being taken out on trips, ensuring proper storage and administration only by trained staff members. This job is different from traditional care facility medical team, and at times will feel more hectic.  

Camp Clinic Assistant

The Clinic Assistant helps out the Camp Health Director in every possible way, based on their certifications, in emergencies as well as related clerical duties. This position also assists with the administration of medication and are often the first person a camper sees when they visit the Mir’Pa’Ah. The Clinic Assistant should be an active EMT, WEMT, Paramedic, or hold another commensurate certification.  

Unit Heads and Camper Care Coordinator

Unit Heads are the captains of different Units—or age groups— at Ranch Camp. Their responsibilities vary depending on the age of camper being managed. The Unit Head serves as a resource and guide to the Tsevet (staff) of their group. 

Unit Head: Chalutzim (2nd – 4th grade)

Our youngest, first-time Chanichim range from grades 2 -4, with some staying for half sessions and others the full. For many, this is often their first time at camp and so these campers will need a lot of help adjusting to the camp environment. Some may arrive with school friends or independently, and the Unit Head should expect to see some homesickness and anxiety about this new experience. Applicants for this Unit Head position should hold—or be currently in the pursuit of—a bachelor’s degree in a field related to education and have experience with campers of this age range. Experience can be substituted for education in some cases.  

Unit Head: Metapsim (5th & 6th grade)

Metapsim comprise our largest group of Chanichim at camp, and this position can expect to see Chanichim who already know one another from previous years at camp and are beginning to develop socially. These Chanichim will need guidance on how to grow and act appropriately while interacting with one another. The 6 grade campers will go on a day Tiyul to hike and camp nearby. Applicants for this Unit Head position should hold—or be currently in the pursuit of—a bachelor’s degree in a field related to education and have experience with campers of this age range. Experience can be substituted for education in some cases.  

Unit Head: Toshavim (7th & 8th Grade)

The Toshavim Unit Head is responsible for managing and assisting staff in the oldest group of onsite Chanichim—most of whom have been to camp before and hold a great foundation but need guidance on how to serve as role models for their Kehillah (community). Additionally, this position will also help Chanichim integrate the lessons and skills obtained from camp with their life in the outside world, beyond camp. Grade 8 campers will attend a four-day Tiyul (trip) and Grade 7 campers will go on a three-day one. Applicants for this Unit Head position should hold—or be currently in the pursuit of—a bachelor’s degree in a field related to education and have experience with campers of this age range. Experience can be substituted for education in some cases.  

Camper Care Coordinators

Each Unit Head is paired with a Camper Care Coordinator, who works alongside them to ensure every camper’s experience is successful. They keep in touch with parents, check on campers’ needs within their bunks, and assist those needing help integrating into the camp environment. Ideal candidates have a background or degree/pursuing degree in social work. 

Outdoor Adventure Team

Picture this – you, as a member of our Adventure Team, will be the heart and soul of our outdoor escapades. From supervising high and low ropes courses to infusing spice into our archery sessions, unleashing your survival skills in Teva Wild, conquering the trails in Mountain Biking, and ensuring the safety of our Challenge Course – you’ll do it all!  Not trained? Don’t worry – we provide all the training needed to be a member of the Outdoor Adventure Team.

Why Join the Outdoor Adventure Team?

🏹 Archery Maverick: Ever dreamt of being a bow-wielding legend? We’ll teach you the art of archery, and soon you’ll be the one bringing spice, variety, and excitement to our archery program.

🌲 Teva Trailblazer: If survival skills, hiking, and foraging are your jam, our Teva Wild program is your playground. Learn and share essential backpacking life hacks with campers eager to explore the great outdoors.

🚵‍♂️ Mountain Biking Maverick: Become a trail conqueror! With at least two years of personal mountain biking experience, you’ll not only ride the trails but also share your biking passion with our campers.

🧗‍♂️ Challenge Course Champion: Ready to take on the heights? Learn the ropes, literally! As a member of the Outdoor Adventure Team, you’ll be the belayer and facilitator, ensuring the safety and thrill of our challenge courses.

Sports and Aquatics Program Team

Imagine being the guardian of our coolest spot at camp—the pool! As a member of the Sports and Aquatics Team, you’ll ensure safety, create a fun environment, and make a splash in the lives of our campers. But that’s not all; you’ll also be the star player on our sports fields and courts, coaching and facilitating epic games that last for hours. Beach volleyball, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, and the legendary Friday Knockout are all part of the game plan! Not trained? Don’t worry – we provide all the training needed to be a member of the Sports and Aquatics Team.

Why Join the Sports and Aquatics Team?

🏊‍♂️ Lifeguard Extraordinaire: Dive into the heart of camp life! Our pool is the place to be, and we’re on the lookout for experienced and safety-conscious lifeguards. Your mission? Create a fun aquatic environment, ensuring the safety of up to 75 excited campers. If you’re already certified, you’re our top pick, but don’t worry if you’re not – we provide training at a cost for those deemed a perfect fit.

⚽ Field Sports Fanatics: Lace up your coaching boots! Our sports field is buzzing with activity, hosting soccer, flag football, and various sports games throughout the day. We need enthusiasts familiar with sports, ready to be active and on the move for a few hours each day. Coaching experience or enrollment in a sports education program? You’re the perfect recruit!

🏐🏀Court Sports Champions:  Serve, spike, and score! As a specialist, you’ll run and score the games that the entire camp looks forward to. Bring your coaching expertise or be on the path to sports education greatness – we want you!

Traditional Program Team

Get ready to be the maestro of creativity! JCC Ranch Camp’s Traditional Program Team is not just a team; it’s a canvas waiting for your artistic touch. We’re on the lookout for versatile individuals who can wear many hats, shaping the experiences of campers in Omanut, STEM, Rikkud, Shira, Drama & Theater, and Teva Farm. Imagine guiding campers in expressing their creativity to the fullest! As a member of our Traditional Program Team, you’ll be part of a dynamic group that fosters artistic growth, scientific curiosity, cultural celebration, and agricultural appreciation. Not trained? Don’t worry – we provide all the training needed to be a member of the Traditional Program Team.

Why Join the Traditional Program Team?

🎨 Art Maestros: Unleash your artistic flair! Art is where campers dive into creative expression, and we need you to shape the program’s artistic journey. If you have a passion for guiding campers creatively and experience as an artist, especially teaching art to children aged 7-15, we want you to lead the way.

🚀 STEM Innovators: Partner with NASA on a STEM adventure! Ranch Camp’s STEM program is open-ended, allowing you to create a unique, individualized experience for campers. If you’re passionate about experiments, questions, and inclusive exploration connected to fun, and have experience in STEM, particularly teaching children aged 7-15, we invite you to join our mission.

💃 Rikkud (Dance) Dynamo: Bring the Israeli dance party to life! Rikkud is our high-energy Israeli dance program, a Shabbat staple. We need someone with detailed knowledge of Israeli folk dances, comfortable leading and instructing crowds of up to 200 people. If you’re a dance dynamo, this role is for you!

🎸 Music Rockstars: Strike a chord with campers! In Music, campers learn to play guitar, drums, Kabbalat Shabbat songs, and have a blast with Jewish music. If you have over one year of experience as a song leader and competency in guitar, piano, or drums, you’re the music maestro we’re looking for.

🎭 Drama & Theater Trailblazers:  Step into the spotlight! Our drama program is the stage for campers to express themselves and step out of their comfort zones. You’ll have creative freedom to define camper goals and areas of focus. With experience teaching in acting or theater-related environments for youth, you’re the trailblazer we need.

🌱 Teva Farm Stewards:  Cultivate curiosity on the farm! Teva Farm is our mini educational farm, a space for campers learning about planting, harvesting, caring for animals, and understanding food supply chains. If you appreciate animals, farming, gardening, and have agricultural knowledge, join us as a Teva Farm steward.

Lead Counselors (Madrichim)

Madrichim (counselors) are the staff that Chanichim (campers) remember and look forward to seeing year after year.  

Lead Madrichim should have a serious passion for working with children and prioritize the physical, emotional, spiritual health/safety, and well-being of every camper. Applicants should have prior experience working in a residential or day camp environment, or other work with children. In addition to living in a bunk, staff are responsible for leading camp programs. 

Inclusion Madrichim work directly with campers daily to guide them through summer activities, provide mentorship and support, and create a fun environment that encourages campers to want to return. As an Inclusion Counselor, you will be responsible for providing ongoing supper to campers, including cognitive, social-emotional, psychological, and behavioral needs. Your primary goal is to integrate children with identified needs to participate in daily camp activities, and applicants should be 18 years or older and in the process of acquiring degrees that work with children. 

Trips (Tiyulim) Staff

The Tiyulim (Trips) program at Ranch Camp includes several trips ranging in duration and difficulty from grades 8 – 11. Information detailing each trip can be found on their specific program pages. Tiyulim is hiring for the following positions: 

Base Camp Managers

Base Managers are the leaders, parent communicators, trainers and programmatic designers for the Trips program. They will be responsible for the planning, booking, coordination and pack-out of each and every trip that leaves Ranch Camp. They are additionally responsible for the supervision of the Tsevet Tiyul (Trip Staff) and providing them with constructive feedback throughout their summer. They work in conjunction with their partner to ensure parent communication regarding Chanichim that are out on trip is consistent and timely. They also ensure that each trip leaves with appropriate paperwork, medication, supplies, and any other additional needs that present themselves based on the needs of the Chanichim and the location of the tiyul. They are present for the pack out of supplies for each trip, and are there ensuring that the prep work for trip departures is completed in an appropriate fashion. Lastly, but extremely importantly, they work alongside Ranch Camp year-round staff to develop and implement a cohesive, thought out and structured Tiyul-specific training that covers items such as camper safety, emergency procedures, Judaics on Tiyulim, food handling procedures, and so on. Applicants for the Base Camp Manager positions should have a Bachelors Degree in education, guiding, or 4 years experience as a professional guiding. Personal experience in the back country is a great addendum to professional experience but those with more professional experience will receive higher consideration. Certifications in WEMT, EMT, WFR a plus but not mandatory. Must have a clean driving record and be willing to undergo a background check.

Tsevet Tiyulim

Tsevet Tiyulim (Trip Field Staff) are the staff that go out with campers on their adventures, which can send you all over Colorado for anywhere from 4 – 21 days. Staff should be prepared to spend most of their time backpacking in the woods with campers, should be comfortable navigating with a map and compass, ready to act in emergency, prepared to deal with extreme weather changes, and hold prior trail experience. We offer WFR courses to successful applicants (or a stipend to those who have completed one), as well as Medication Administration Training.  

Click here for information about 8th Grade Trips

Click here for information about T.A.S.C. Trips

Click here for information about Pack & Ride Trips

Click here for information about Teen Village Trips

Kitchen and Operations

This team consists of behind-the-scenes positions who are an integral part of camp’s success. 

Head Chef

This person is responsible for managing and monitoring all foods being prepared, cooked, served, and stored at Ranch Camp, ensuring that everything adheres to Colorado Food Service regulations. They work alongside the kitchen manager to create an effective, healthy food establishment at Ranch Camp. We encourage this person to interact with the community at camp, both staff and campers included. The Head Chef can expect to plan and prepare over 1,000 meals per day, providing campers and staff with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Applicants should hold a ServSafe certification, have a degree from an accredited culinary institute, and two years’ experience working in food service management. Food Handler Certificate and large-scale management are both pluses.  

Kitchen Manager

This staff member works alongside the Head Chef to ensure meals are being produced in an organized and efficient manner and oversees the setup and cleanup of Chadar Ochel’s (Dining Hall) tables, serving areas, and drink stations to ensure quick and fluid flow while adhering to Colorado Food Service regulations. Applicants should have prior culinary supervisory experience and at least two years’ experience in a professional food service environment. 


Cooks are directly responsible for preparing food and assisting the Head Chef in the timely and sanitary manner within which meals are prepared. This role also helps with kitchen and dining hall clean-up when necessary. Interested applicants should have some professional kitchen experience or be enrolled in culinary school and be over 18 years of age. 

Prep Cooks/Dishwashers

These staff are responsible for preparing parts of meals that do not require cooking or open flame, including salad bars, fruits bars, midday snacks, etc., and assist with clean-up during and after meals. Applicants must be 18 or older.  

JCC Ranch Camp has been my home ever since I was in fifth grade. The first time I came through the gate I knew I had found my place. Everyone at Ranch Camp is so welcoming and loving. It will always be my home away from home. I could not have asked for a better home to discover myself and my Jewish identity. Ranch Camp has helped to shaped me into who I am today, and I cannot thank the community enough.

Rachel Trout

Life-long Ranch Camper

How to Apply

Scroll down a little bit more for some information about what it's like to work at Ranch Camp.

Take me to the application.

  • Where is camp? Ranch Camp is located in rural Elbert County, just south of the town of Elbert, which is about an hour and fifteen minutes southeast of the city of Denver.
  • How do I get to camp? We do airport pickups for staff coming out of state or out of country. We also recommend driving to camp if it is reasonable for you. Elbert doesn’t have any sort of public transport or taxi service.
  • We have a blast. We do our best to make camp fun for everyone who is there. We want you to grow socially and professionally, while having the time of your life at camp. That being said: We’re here to serve kids and make sure they are in the safest environment possible while having the time of their lives.
  • Camp days are long. We’re up and at it at 7:45 AM, going strong until about 9 PM at night. You’re with kids about 90% of the time, as this is a residential camp.
  • Programs. We do fun activities from ropes courses to horseback riding, and from hiking to art. If you have a special skill you’d like to bring to camp, please let us know. All staff help run ‘chugim,‘ or ‘electives,’ every afternoon, which can be anything from a week-long progressive program to just an hour of fun that you get to be creative with.
  • Other duties as assigned. The quote, ‘it takes a village,’ rings true here. You will be asked to clean, mop, and definitely asked (by a camper) to go to the nurse or bathroom, at various hours.
  • Wait, I’m not Jewish. No big deal! We can get you up to speed to bring you into our wonderful kehilah (community.) We believe in inclusion to the utmost and highest levels and would never want anyone– staff or camper– to feel excluded in any way.
  • Sounds like a lot. Do I get to rest? Of course. We give staff an hour off a day and two days off per session, either 24 or 32 hours depending on the session.
  • How long is camp? 10 weeks. Specific date ranges change year to year, but usually we start up with training in mid-to-late May and wrap up summer the first week in August.
  • But I can’t work the whole summer… Not our favorite thing to hear, but we can be flexible. We are more likely to hire someone who can work the duration of the camp program, yet, if you have something special to bring to camp, we can work with you.
  • If you don’t like being outside… then this job is not for you. Staff seep in cabins and sometimes tents, and spend most of our time outdoors.
  • If you like a rigid and consistent schedule… Camp is all about spontaneity. Days flex in length here and there depending on the needs of kids and program. You might get asked to help out in a specialist area where you don’t have the highest level of expertise. Camp needs your flexibility.
  • If you like the big city… We are just south of the town of Elbert and are about an hour and fifteen minutes from Denver. However, locally, it’s a quiet plains town with a General Store and gas station. Supermarkets and and anything remotely city-like can be found 30+ minutes away.
  • If you can’t get down with religion… We’re a Jewish Camp. You’ll see Hebrew pop up all over our website, and all over our camp for that matter. There will be prayers and services at camp. There will be staff from Israel, speaking in Hebrew. You don’t have to be Jewish or be fluent in Hebrew, but you will be expected to be present at services and prayers with campers.

Camp has a lot of great perks to it – whether it is learning different skills or getting certified in a specific training, Ranch Camp offers plenty of opportunities to learn something new.


We have on-site opportunities for:

  • Discounted Wilderness First Responder Certification
  • Lifeguard Certification
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation & First Aid Certification
  • Wilderness First Aid Certification
  • Belay Training & Skills Assessment
  • American Institute for Horsemanship Safety Certification

In addition to hard skill training listed above, we also provide on-the-job training throughout the summer to enable our staff to best serve our campers.


We hear staff say it all the time, “camp brings out the best version of myself.” We have an amazing community of staff, campers and alumni who come together to make this ten-week work experience an amazing memory that lasts a lifetime. You’ll have the chance to meet people from all around the globe, as well as develop personal and professional friendships that will stay with you long after camp ends.

We get staff from Israel, the UK, Canada, Australia, and more. Camp provides an opportunity for you to make friends around the globe and build friendships with people whom you may have not met otherwise. Because camp tends to bring together people with similar interests, you may be surprised to find a best friend here.


We are located a little more than an hour from Denver, and 45 minutes to the front range of the mountains. You can’t beat our backyard. With decent amounts of time off each session, as well as intersessions, there is plenty of time to go explore and see!


Room and board are covered for the entirety of your employment. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided daily, with a super-delicious dinner for Shabbat on Friday nights. The only time you prepare food is if you want to run a program that involves cooking, or if you work in the kitchen. If you’re traveling from far away, we can even work out flight stipends for certain positions!

Let’s take a look at what the rest of this process looks like:

  • Get in touch with us by applying for camp– 2024 applications are live. Give as much detail as you can; we’ll be more interested with you the more you tell us.
  • We will contact you to set up an interview.
  • Do a really good interview – prepare for a unique experience. We tend to ask some of the most random questions. Don’t be afraid to sing.
  • Get an offer made, receive an official job description.
  • Accept the offer.
  • Get sent a contract and wait for contact regarding training and camp dates.
  • Complete all required paperwork. Failure to do so can delay your start date and first paycheck and even make you ineligible for the gift card for completing all your paperwork on time.
  • Complete check for National Sex Offender Registry.
  • Complete the bottom of this form for a criminal background check through CDHS Trails.
  • Mail back your fingerprint for a CBI Federal background check
  • Have the time of your life working at summer camp!