Year-Round Staff

Katelyn Skeen

Director of Ranch Camp

Katelyn first joined the Ranch Community as a camper in 2007. She’s spent almost every summer at camp since then.

The summer after 4th grade my mom sent me to Ranch Camp for the first time. Having never been away from home for more than a night, I was terrified. But the moment I stepped out of the car onto the dirt parking lot at the camp office, I instantly knew that this was a place where I would become the best version of myself. Many years later, I get that same feeling every time I arrive at camp; only now I’m part of the team creating an inclusive environment enabling campers to create, learn, and thrive. I understand, firsthand, the importance of providing children with opportunities to reach their fullest potential, and the consequences if such opportunities are lost.

One of my camp mentors once told me that this is the most important work in the world and I wholehearted believe that it is.

Rachel Szurek

Assistant Director of Camper Wellness

Rachel is so excited to be joining the Ranch Camp Community as of Spring 2024! As a Midwest gal, she grew up at camp as both a camper and counselor through her experience with Minnesota 4-H. As a teacher, she worked her summers at the JCC of Milwaukee’s summer day camp, Rainbow Day Camp.

Rainbow Day Camp was my first experience with camp as an adult, and to put it simply, I fell in love with camp. I started my first summer reluctantly, committing only 2-3 days of my week, thinking I would actually want some time “off” in my summer. I quickly realized that camp WAS my escape. Within a few weeks, I committed to being full-time for that summer. Camp had become my safe space, my pride and joy, and the place I always felt valued. In the succeeding years, I eventually took the leap from being a classroom teacher to joining the off-season camp team. And that is what brought me here!

*Please pardon my Wisconsin lingo, when I say, “Ope, let me squeeze by ya real quick to get to that bubbler!” Translation- “Excuse me, I need to use the water fountain!” 

Camp is where my heart is. I’m convinced that camp people are some of the best out there. I am thrilled to be stepping into this role, a true dream job. I am excited to create a space for others to experience the magic of camp!

Max O’Hara

Assistant Director of Programming

Max first joined the Ranch Camp community in 2011 following in the footsteps of his sister who attended the summer prior.  That very first summer Max fell in love with everything about Ranch Camp and made sure to keep coming back. 

As a kid, I attended several day camps and enjoyed them all, but the idea of overnight camp was intimidating. My older sister bravely went to Ranch Camp the summer before I did, and after seeing how much she loved it, I knew I had to go. In that very first summer, I made friends I see to this day, met some inspiring counselors, and fell in love with the outdoor programs here. I was at home. In the years since, I have taken my friends and skills from Ranch Camp hiking, camping, and climbing my way all throughout Colorado. Now I am so excited to bring those skills and passions into all of our programs at camp. I firmly believe that camp has an invaluable power to change kids’ lives, and I know that Ranch Camp is the perfect place for it.

Tuyet Nguyen

Jay & Rose Phillips Family Foundation of Colorado Inclusion Specialist

Since moving to Colorado in 2001, I was able to experience my first camp ever in the mountain where I learned archery, identifying rock cycles, and the constellations. Since then, it has shaped me to dive into everything I do with excitement and optimism, from traveling abroad to learning new skills every day. I’m excited to help my team create a welcoming environment and memorable experience for our campers and families. Outside of my passion for creating an inclusive community, you can find me exploring and learning new things through traveling, exhibits, podcasts, cooking, and spending time with family, friends, and my dog, Lucky!

Summer Team

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