Stay Updated on 67 Years of Incredible Alumni Happenings

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Alumni Engagement

Over the past 67 years we’ve had amazing campers, staff, and community members join our Ranch Camp family each year. We are excited to stay connected to each and everyone one of you!

The goal of our alumni engagement is to help our alumni feel connected to Ranch Camp, to other alumni, and to our incredible camp legacy.

Due to COVID-19, the programs and events planned for 2020 have been postponed. When we are able, we are working to coordinate programs and events both at Ranch Camp and locally in Denver to meet the goal of our alumni engagement. We will keep you updated as we shift our planning! We can’t wait to see you all soon.

Thank you to our incredible Alumni Committee Tim Flemming, Michele Frishman, Josh Lake, Sherry Sulak & Cassie Weinstock. They have worked so hard to help us reconnect with our alumni, put together our newsletters, and  planning our engagement events. We are so grateful for each of them!


Legacy Donor

A legacy gift helps to ensure that Ranch Camp will be here for many years to come. Find out more information on how your planned gift will enable future generations of campers enjoy summers filled with Jewish culture and lifelong memories.

Ben Streltzer
Former Ranch Camp Director & Legacy Donor

“I contributed to the development of both the campers and camp––that was the fun of it. I enjoyed that. Those were some of the best years of my life.”

Throughout his life, he has been a great contributor to the Ranch Camp scholarship fund, and most recently, he became a Legacy Donor for Ranch Camp. “I feel at home at the Ranch Camp––they listen to us. They understand that we’re here to help and they know we’re here to support them.”

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Ranch Camp Alumni Committee

Thank you to our incredible Alumni Committee: Tim Flemming, Michele Frishman, Josh Lake, Sherry Sulak & Cassie Weinstock

Interested in the Alumni Committee? Let us know!