Toshavim, or ‘Residents,’ are a core part of our Ranch community, and are our older residential campers. Even if someone joins Ranch Camp for the first time as Toshavim, the community at Ranch Camp is quick to welcome new campers into our family. 

Toshavim participants get to further build their confidence through Ranch Camp programming, which prepares them for Tiyulim or ‘Trips,’ designed for grades 9 – 11. One of the main ways Toshavim prepares campers is through a widely anticipated, four-day camping trip. 

Toshavim campers start their experience with a full week at Ranch Camp, and then spend a morning preparing their gear and food before heading out into the wilderness together for the four-day camping trip. 


  • Toshavim Camping trip: all campers grades 7 – 8 will join this unless they are enrolled in the EQ or OA Specialty Camps. OA campers will go on an OA-specific trip. 
  • Outdoor Cooking 
  • Camping on site 
  • Hiking 
  • Team building 
  • Leave No Trace Training 
  • Hybrid camp and trip experience 
  • Intro to backpacking (offsite) 

Traditional Camp vs Specialty Camp

As with our other camper groups, Toshavim can join specialty camps in order to dive deeper into a specific area of interest. 

Equestrian Specialty Camp

Outdoor Adventure Specialty Camp  

Campers in Specialty Camps will continue to live in cabins with their peers, with the bonus of attending day-programming with others who have similar interests. While these campers will still attend theme days, evening programs, and other traditional camp activities, their day-to-day experience will be more focused on their chosen area of specialty during morning activities.  


Dates and Rates

Dates and Rates

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Dates and Rates

*The One Happy Camper program is not a scholarship through Ranch Camp; rather, it is a national program that helps fund first-time campers.