As we say daily at Ranch Camp, “Yes, I have!”

If you have not experienced the beauty and magic that is the Centennial State, there is no better beauty than the High Plains of Elbert County.

At 7,000 feet in elevation with clear view of Pikes Peak, the magic is in the setting alone. From temperate weather with 70-80 degree days and 50 degree nights, it is the perfect setting to experience the fun and joy of camp.


Why Ranch Camp

If you didn’t watch the video in the top picture on the page, go back and watch it. It may answer all the questions answered below.

We like to say that Ranch Camp is a place where children can ‘defy their limits, and define themselves.’ Such a broad, big statement, with so much behind it.

Ranch Camp is a place where your child can be the best version of themselves. They spend their time in an inclusive environment, with friends and staff who are behind every person who wants to push themselves to a new level. Whether it be the goal of getting out on trail on horseback, conquering their fear of heights on the zip line, rocking down one of our single-track mountain biking trails, or trying a new food – everyone at Ranch Camp is committed to creating and activating the potential for self-growth and success that is inside all of us.

With 400 acres of land, over 30


Adventure in Colorado

Our robust Trip & Travel program will give your child memories to last a lifetime. These transformative experiences are led by experienced staff members, mostly of whom have been through the trip themselves, or by staff who have experience guiding trips in the Colorado back country. Our Trip Leaders are also fantastic educators, focused on making sure your child’s experience connects them with peers in new and profound ways, and deepens their connection to Judaism in a manner never thought possible.

We take trips to Rocky Mountain National Park, the Continental Divide, Great Sand Dunes National Park, the summit of Mt. Elbert (one of the tallest peaks in the continental United States) and more!

It’s important to make sure that your child is well equipped for their backpacking trips. Take a look at our Program Finder for some details about our Trip and Travel programs.

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Colorado Sunshine

While the stereotype of Colorado is a land littered with mountains, snow, cold and the mountaineer-parka-beard advertisement photo, it couldn’t be further from the truth. As we sit here typing this, it’s January 19th and a beautiful 60 degree day.

Our summers are nothing less than comfortable, if a little on the cooler side. It’s sweatshirt weather at night, but never freezing. In the event of a cooler evening, our cabins are heated to keep your camper as comfortable as possible.

The dry environment has it’s drawbacks, but we do get to operate without the blanket of humidity that covers the east coast. The dry weather and short grasses keep us relatively tick-free, we are blessed to be able to hike without tucking our pants into our socks.

However, it is important to recognize that the change in both elevation and humidity will dry out our campers faster than they usually would with a summer at home. It’s important to send your child with good water bottle – our well-trained staff will take care of the rest. We have come up with some creative ways to get your child drink their three liters of water per day!

Judaism at Camp

Ranch Camp is a place where campers are allowed to establish their own Jewish identity. From our unique, non-traditional Shabbat services, to our half-day celebration of Israel, we look for kids to access whatinterests them about Judaism. We give kids the path, the tools and the environment; working alongside them to facilitate the development of Judaic values that they appreciate on their own level and can feel connected to.

Whether home is the beaches of L.A. or the streets of NYC, Ranch Camp is a place where everyone gets to be Jewish in a way that means something to them.


How do I get my child to camp?

Sending your kid to camp long-distance can be nerve wracking for the first time you do it. But the potential for their personal growth is beyond anything you could have expected. It’s been shown to help both kids and parents prepare mentally for a separation that potentially may not occur until college.

Our staff are here to make your child’s transit to camp as smooth and easy as possible. From when we pick them up at the airport, to when we drop them back off at the gate, we do our best to ensure that your child is not only safe, but confident and comfortable as well.

By land or air we are here to assist you in whatever works best. Don’t come by sea, Colorado is pretty much landlocked.

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What to Bring?

When flying, costs can get high with getting your campers stuff to camp. We’ve got the tricks of the trade to help you figure out what options are best for you.

While you are more than welcome to pack a large duffel bag or trunk to take on the plane, you are also more than welcome to ship your child’s stuff to camp, and we are more than happy to coordinate shipping it back to you at the end of your child’s stuff at camp.

Kids should come equipped to stay at camp for the time they are there – however this does not mean to send them with their whole wardrobe and all electronics. We have on-site laundry, which will be done twice while your camper is at camp. Additionally, they won’t need any electronics! While more ancient devices such as an iPod (or even a walkman) are OK to bring, we really do try to shy away from phones. Give your camper the space to defy their limits and define themselves.

Campers will need a sleeping bag for their unit’s campout during their session. Anyone coming on a Teen Trip will definitely need one, among some other unique items.

For more detailed information, and specific packing lists for all our different programs, check out our parent manual.

Parent Manual

Our Staff

Ranch Camp’s diverse, fun-loving and inclusive-minded staff come from not just all North America, but all over the world! From Israel to the UK, from Poland to South America, each member of our team brings a little of themselves to camp to share with our campers, making for an unforgettable experience. Some of these staff love Ranch Camp so much, they make an annual 1,000 mile trek from whatever part of the world they come from to come be a part of our community year after year.

It goes without saying that residential camp breeds ‘lifers’ who stay with camp forever. Some of the Ranch Camp staff started as young as six years old, and are now long-standing employees at camp. Some of our staff have been part of our family for fourteen years! These folks pass on our traditions, values and mission to our campers and our new staff coming in.

All our staff are background checked and thoroughly vetted before joining our team. They have experience in the field of education or child care, and many are active in this field year round, or completing a degree that will launch them somewhere into the realm of child care or education. They can spend up to three weeks in training (our Trip Staff specifically) but all staff receive an eight-day intensive on how to keep your child safe while giving them the experience of a lifetime.

Know someone who wants to go but is too old to be a camper? Send them over to our jobs page. We’re always looking for interested and qualified talent to join our team.

Tour Ranch Camp

We want you to get to know and see Ranch Camp before sending your camper. There are a whole host of ways to do this! Some of them are online, some of them are in person – it’s basically up to you. These are ranked from easiest to hardest to do:

  • Join us for a virtual open house! We run them monthly. Check out our events page LINK LINK LINK to find out when our next one is.
  • Host us! Get a gathering of your friends who might be interested in camp and we’ll bring the fun. One of us will spend time with parents while one of us spends time with you and your friends future campers.
  • Find us at a recruitment event. We are still setting up our recruitment schedule for our out of state recruitment. Know a place you’d like us to be? Drop us a message.
  • Go on vacation to Colorado, and get a tour of Ranch Camp. Obviously, this isn’t that feasible, but our property is open for rentals and retreats during the off-season. LINK LINK LINK.

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