Travel Information

Flights into Colorado

We have two major airports equidistant to the Ranch Camp: Denver International Airport (DEN) or Colorado Springs Airport (COS).  While we encourage travel into DIA (DEN) we will accommodate pick up at either airport.

Preferred Flight Window

We ask that families to their best to plan arrival and departure times in our preferred window.  Flights into Colorado should be between 10:00am – 12:00pm and flight out of Colorado should be between 11:00am – 1:00pm.  If your flight falls outside of this window we will still arrange pick up but would appreciate a call in advance so we can plan accordingly.

Airline Options

While we do not partner with any airline and have good working relationships with a variety of carriers, Southwest airlines often has the most affordable approach to unaccompanied minors and checked baggage fees. Please read the “unaccompanied minor” section below to see why this might matter to you.

Pick Up and Drop Off Procedures

It is very important to us that your camper never by left alone in the airport at any time.  We will have a staff member accompany your camper from the moment they step off the plane, getting baggage, checking in, going through security and getting back on the plane at the end of their camp experience.  We do this using escort passes which allow us to go through security to meet campers directly.

Unaccompanied Minors

For most airlines, anyone flying under the age of 17 is considered an unaccompanied minor will will be required to fly with a special tag and you will be charged an additional fee.  Southwest airlines allows children over 11 to pass on this requirement.  Regardless of age, airlines will allow you escort passes to accompany your child to the gate.  Our service only changes slightly based on the UM designation of your child.  If you are flying as an UM you MUST designate this on your travel form; the airline will ask you to provide contact information – please call us at 303.316.6384 (winter) or 303.648.3800 (summer) and we will provide you with temporary contact information which you will need to update 48 hrs before your flight with specific contact information of your child’s designated staff person.  (Flying as an UM is sometimes a personal choice – it can provide your child with additional attention on the plane and if the flight is re-routed unexpectedly.  Ranch Camp has no preference on what designation your camper flies under.)

Driving to Colorado

For our closely surrounding states, it might make sense to drive to camp or to Denver (bus pick-up) instead of fly. If so, you can find driving directions in the parent manual or by using Google Maps. Note that any other map or GPS service will most likely not be accurate. We have worked with Google to make sure our directions are correct.


There are no hotels within 30 minutes of Ranch Camp in either direction. The nearest hotels are as follows are within 45 minutes and are as follows:

Linen Rental

If you are coming from a distance it can often be a burden to travel with our requested bed and bath linens (pillow, two sheet sets, comforter, 2 towels).  To save you the effort you are welcome to sign up to rent linens for your time at camp! If you would like to rent linens, please complete the form and we will charge your card on file. The small cost goes to cleaning linens and replacing linens periodically.