Session 2 Specialty Tracks are perfect for campers wanting to pursue specific camp experiences and for those who want to not only have a cabin full of friends but spend time with more campers who share their passions!  Campers will spend a 3-hour block each morning in their Specialty Track.  After lunch and menucha (rest hour), campers will have one Chug followed by daily cabin program.

Specialty Tracks are available to campers in Chalutzim, Metapsim and Toshavim. Mini Campers (2nd – 3rd graders, 1 week session) will participate in the Traditional Track so they can experience as many activities as possible, to let them experience as much of camp as possible

Session 2 Specialty Track Descriptions

The tracks offered are:

  • NEW for 2023: Traditional Ranch Program (3rd – 8th and for all Mini Campers) – If your camper wants to get a taste of everything Ranch Camp has to offer, then the traditional track is for them! They’ll get to experience each program we offer at least twice during their time at camp. From tie-dye to archery to sports to arts to ropes to pool, they’ll get it all. The Traditional Track will look very similar to what campers experience day to day during Sessions 1 and 3.
  • Outdoor Adventure (3rd – 8th) – Spend every morning getting your heart pumping through mountain biking, climbing, ziplining, swimming and hiking, this program will have a strong focus on team work and group dynamics. OA campers may also spend time camping off-site and take an overnight trip to camp, hike and explore at nearby wilderness areas. Potential add ons could include: canoeing, paddle boating, int. mountain biking, rock climbing, etc. (8th Grade Campers will also go on their traditional 4 day trip.)
  • Creative Arts (3rd – 8th) – Get your creativity flowing with in-depth, multi-day art projects using a wide range of media AND get involved in a Ranch Camp End of Session Production! Creative Arts track participants will have ample time to delve into personal work and gain experience in new materials. Campers will participate in a camp-wide art exhibition. Campers will also choose how they would like to be involved in the theater production – acting, set design, costuming, etc. Participants in the Creative Arts track may also take a day trip to the Denver area to participate in a hands-on art experience. (8th Grade Campers will also go on their traditional 4 day trip.)
  • Sports (3rd – 8th) – We are excited to offer a sports specialty track this summer! Campers will be able to experience a variety of sports throughout the session brought to them by Ranch Camp Sports Staff and other experienced coaches and players. Sports played may include but are not limited to: Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Lacrosse and Ultimate Frisbee. Sports track participants might also take a day trip to the Denver area to participate in a hands-on sports experience. (8th Grade Campers will also go on their traditional 4 day trip.)
  • Beginner Horsemanship (4th – 6th) – If your camper is new to the world horseback riding and wants to experience horses on a daily basis without the all-day intensity of our nationally recognized EQ program, get excited to sign up for Beginner Horsemanship! This Session II Specialty track will have your camper (entering grades 4th – 6th) learning basic horsemanship skills including: grooming, tacking, feeding, arena riding skills (up to competence at the trot), trail riding and a foundation in horse knowledge (i.e. horse care, breed identification, etc).  Beginner Horsemanship will take place for a 3 hour block in the morning.  In the afternoon, campers will participate in chuggim and cabin programming giving them a chance to participate in other camp activities they love!  If your camper feels like they might be experiences a bit of horse craziness  – the Beginner Horsemanship track will be the perfect match!
  • Equestrian (EQ) (5th – 9th) See Full Program Description HERE.  (8th Grade Campers will NOT go on the 4 day trip if enrolled in EQ in order to progress through the program.)

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