Jun 03, 2022

Posted by: Ryan Bocchino

The Countdown Begins

“If you received this email during non-working hours, please do not respond until you’re able. Time works differently at Ranch Camp. Peace.” 

This is the signature from our Operation Manager’s e-mail letting everyone know that she works weird hours. What she doesn’t know, is that this is probably the most accurate statement about Ranch Camp, and summer camp, ever written. Time does work differently here, and it’s so amazing to be within it as it swirls and twirls around you.  

We’ve spent the week getting an understanding of what camp is, where things are, who does what, but also understanding the critical social role camp plays in the lives of campers, and the gravity of responsibility that a madrich carries during their time here at camp. Most importantly, we’ve built a foundation for a family that will carry the banner forward unto the best summer ever, making memories and relationships that will transcend our 400-acre Ranch and leave impacts that last a lifetime. 

We wrap up our first few days of staff orientation with full souls, a truly packed community, and a host of new friends. It feels amazing to have a full-tilt staff community here, its voice filling our space with songs, questions of camp, and wonder at the wacky Colorado weather (some more snow for us this week) that we’ve gotten to experience since Wednesday. So far, we’ve spent three days together as a full staff community and it might as well be a month. Our supervisory team, two weeks in, is a team that I feel I’ve known all my life.  

As we wind down this week into our first Shabbat together, it’s a nice reminder that this Shabbat is truly about time. A reminder that as much as this can fly by us, we should slow down when we can and take the time to appreciate where we are, and who we are with. Additionally, as we’re wrapping the counting of the Omer heading into Shavuot and are now remembering the gift of Torah to the Jewish people, we’re also beginning an important count at camp: ten days until our first session starts. Ten days until our road fills with cars, cabins fill with campers, and fields filled with the laughter and joy of campers getting the best possible experience of summer, ever. 

Shabbat Shalom Ranch Camp, enjoy your weekend, and we’ll see you the Monday after next.