Feb 14, 2019

Posted by: Siena Y.

Summer Fun Away From Home

Siena Yeh, a second grader at Cole Elementary, wrote a beautiful article (below) regarding her first summer at Ranch Camp. This article was then published in her school’s newspaper! Hmm…do we have a budding journalist in our midst?

Thank you so much for your sweet words, Siena. We’re so happy that you have enjoyed (and are looking forward to) your summers at the Ranch.

“It all started when I packed everything I could to get ready for an awesome sleepaway camp called “Ranch camp.” I packed t-shirts, shorts, pants, long-sleeves, and so on. I felt nervous about camp because it was my first time being away from home at sleepaway camp. Some kids, like me, had “mini camp”. Mini camp is that you get to stay at camp for two (2) weeks.The full session is when you stay at camp for three weeks (3). I was very nervous but excited to go. One of the things that made it easier to go was that my cousins were there, too.

At Ranch Camp, we stayed in cabins with about ten kids, and we slept in bunk beds. There were counselors for each cabin, and SITs (Staff in Training).  I got to have free time, and sat in my cabin and read my letters that I got. I did a swimming test so that the counselors that were testing me to see if I could swim freely, or if I needed a little help. I did the test good! And we got to do horseback riding, and paint on their backs with chalk, then give them a bath and brush their fur. It was fun. Last but not least: THE ROPES COURSE! It looks like a bunch of ropes. They were hanging and I could climb on them. There was a rockwall, a zipline, and something called a ‘moonwalk’ (a bunch of ropes secured on sturdy poles and you walk on them with your hands holding one rope, and your feet walking on a tightrope.) It was so much fun! Another fun thing at camp was Ranch Camp Idol. Each cabin got to compete by dancing to a song that their cabin selected. Ranch Camp Idol was held in a place called “The Mo” where we also had art and music. My favorite part of sleepaway camp was all of the friends there! It was so much easier to make friends than I imagined!

I’m very excited to go back to Ranch Camp this summer, and will stay for the full session. I want to go back again because it was so much fun, and I want to see my friends again.”