T.A.S.C. Overview

During this extraordinary program, “TASCers” embark on adventures that include whitewater rafting, a multi-day backpacking trip and a service project. A true outdoor journey – full of fun, laughter and personal challenges – teaches T.A.S.C. campers about leadership and independence.

Campers spend a few days on-site at Ranch Camp, bonding as a team before forging out into the wilderness. They’ll spend a few days hiking in the Rockies, learning how to prepare and cook their own meals, and growing skills they can use as young adults to help create the best version of themselves.

*Due to COVID-19’s impact on summer 2020, our 2021 Tiyulim grades are flexible. You can also refer to the Tiyulim 2021 FAQ Sheet for more specific information. Please contact us with any specific questions. 


  • 6-day backpacking trip
  • Outdoor cooking
  • Service project
  • Whitewater rafting
  • Shabbat at Ranch Camp and in the wild
  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Ranch Camp activities including ropes course, swimming, mountain biking, etc.
  • Team building experiences
  • 9-day road trip (includes backpacking trip)

Sample Itinerary

Below is a sample itinerary, going over what campers get to do on each day of their off-site excursion.



Trail(s): Junco Lake Trailhead, Continental Divide Trail, trail 9.1

Start: Meadow Creek Reservoir

Distance: 3.5 km

Campsite: High Lonesome


Trails: Continental Divide Trail, 9.1

Water source: Strawberry Pond/Beaver pond

Campsite: Near trail crossing of 850.2


Trails: 850.2, 9.2, 9.1(Strawberry Bench Trail)

Distance: 6.5 km

Campsite: Near Strawberry Lake



Activity: Solos

Campsite: Near Strawberry Lake


Trails: 9.1, 9.1, 9.5 (Caribou Trail), very start of 850.2

Distance: 6.25 km

Campsite: Near trail crossing of 850.2


Trails: Continental Divide Trail, Meadow Reservoir

Distance: 3.25 km

Campsite: Rocky Mountain National Park


Trails: RMNP Trail Service

Campsite: Rocky Mountain National Park Moraine Park Campground

Service Project Day


Trails: RMNP Trail Service

Campsite: Horsetooth Reservoir

Service Project Day


Raft Day: Rocky Mountain Adventures

Campsite: Ranch Camp


Dates and Rates

Dates and Rates

Check out our dates, rates, payment plans and financial aid options!

Dates and Rates

What are meals like on trips?

Most of our trips don’t have a base camp in the wilderness, but are spent backpacking and camping along the trail that the group is assigned to. Meals are lightweight and easy to pack, prep and cleanup. We do our best to provide a meal that is always Kosher, but balanced and full of the nutrients and energy kids need to accomplish what the day has in store for them.


  • Pancakes with peanut butter/sunbutter
  • Rehydrated eggs with hash browns
  • Oatmeal with brown sugar
  • Canned Fruit
  • Granola/protein bars


  • Tortilla with peanut butter/sunbutter, granola and honey
  • Cheese sandwich
  • Canned chicken sandwich
  • Tuna salad packs
  • Granola/protein bars


  • Macaroni & Cheese
  • Cous Cous with lentils
  • Quinoa & Butternut squash
  • Rice & Bean burritos
  • Rehydrated Mashed potatoes

Where do TASCers go?

Exact trip itineraries change annually based off of what mother nature throws at us and what is available at the time of summer trips go out, but we try to keep the most popular things the same so new campers who have heard about something exciting from friends or older sibling will also be able to partake in that same or similar activity.

TASC spends most of it’s time near Strawberry Lake, outside of Rocky Mountain National Park. They do a 6-day backpacking trip into Arapahoe National Forest, an annual whitewater rafting trip, and a service project with Rocky Mountain National Park.


How do I know my camper is safe?

Parents receive daily communication via e-mail, letting them know that their camper’s group is A-OK. We also do a larger update letting parents know the current goings on, especially if the group has just completed a major activity.

Each trip goes out with a SPOT device, used for text message check-ins with our base at Ranch Camp. Each SPOT is equipped with an emergency button that can summon EMS via GPS locators. Additionally, each trip leader carries a SatPhone for daily communication and check ins. Each trip has an appointed time to call, daily.

Finally, and most importantly, we send out only our best for trip programs. These are staff with extensive personal experience backpacking who may be guides or teachers the rest of the year. They receive an additional week of training on top of what other staff receive. All trip leaders are trained in Wilderness First Responder as well as Medication Administration Training.