Mini Overview

Mini Camp is a fantastic opportunity for young campers to begin exploring the world outside of the home while in safe, encouraging environment.  Our staff members are experienced in meeting the needs of our mini camp age group, creating opportunities for campers to explore new activities and form relationships with their peers.

Our staff members will be there to help guide your child through these necessary emotions, giving each child confidence and security.  Mini Campers will leave at the end of their session feeling accomplished and go home with a new sense of independence and strength.  They will begin to form camp friendships that will continue to last and grow throughout their summer camp journey for years to come!


Camp Activities:  During the time that Mini Camp is in session we strive to fill every moment with Ranch Camp’s best activities!  Campers can plan on participating in each camp activity one time during their session including: swimming, dance, art & design, high ropes, archery, hiking, teva farm, theatre and tie-dye.  Each day Mini Campers will also get to choose chuggim (electives) to pursue those activities they most enjoy!

Camp-Outs: Weather depending, Mini Campers will be taken on one camp-out during their session.  Mini Campers will camp-out on our property at one of our closest camping locations (i.e. Eddie’s Corner, Niven Field, Pavilions, etc) and will have access to indoor bathrooms, if desired.  So don’t forget to pack a sleeping bag! (Sleeping pad is optional)

Horseback Riding: In full-length sessions campers will ride three times however, do to time constraints on Mini Campers’ schedules they will have a Mini Rodeo instead of the typical arena lesson experience.  During the Mini Rodeo, campers will get the chance to groom horses, play barn games and relay races and ride in the arena with one-on-one instruction from our riding instructors!

Daily Schedule

Sample Daily Schedule

7:15am – Wake Up

7:45am – Degel and Morning Circle

8:00am – Breakfast

8:50am – Cabin Clean Up

9:20am – Activity 1-3 (OR Specialty Track Programming)

1:15pm – Lunch

2:00pm – Menucha

3:45pm – Chug* 1-2 (OR Cabin Activity/Chug 1 for Track Sessions)

6:00pm – Closing Circle

6:15pm – Dinner

7:15pm – Evening Program

8:30pm – Lila Tov (Youngest/Mini Campers)

9:00pm – Lila Tov (5th and up)

*Chug is Elective Programming


Dates and Rates

Dates and Rates

Check our our dates, rates, payment plans and financial aid options!

Dates and Rates

Jake had very positive, fun, loving relationships with his counselors who supported and cherished Jake's loving and sensitive nature. He gained confidence, feeling proud in being a young Jewish boy.

Ranch Camp Parent

What are meals like at camp?

Food is a key part of the camp experience and we eat three meals together each day as a community.  We also have snack twice per day in between meal times.  We can accommodate a wide range of dietary restrictions including but not limited to: vegetarian, gluten free, celiac diet, corn free, dairy free and a wide variety of specific food allergies.   Please contact our office in advance of the summer to discuss your campers food restrictions or dietary challenges and we will be happy to work with you to develop a plan that will have your camper eating healthy, balanced meals to keep there energy up for the fun stuff!


How are your staff trained?

JCC Ranch Camp staff attend on-site training from 10 – 17 days depending on their level of certification and job description.

Our general staff training includes:  Child Abuse Reporting, Camper Care, Program Planning, Homesickness, Bullying Identification and Prevention, Cabin Management, CPR/First Aid, Emergency Procedures and Preparedness as well as lots of area specific training.  We want to prepare them to focus on safety while facilitating strong, positive connections between their peer group!

When hiring staff, each applicant, whether they are new to our community or returning, participates in a personal interview.  Staff members are also reference checked and background checked through multiple agencies.

What makes Ranch Camp unique among other Colorado summer camps?

There are dozens of residential camps in Colorado to choose from – here are a few things that make Ranch Camp unique!

  • Judaism – Our goal is that your camper walks away being proud to be Jewish!  We do this through creating accessible Judaic programming that is blended in seamlessly with daily camp life.  We foster and build a kehillah (community) that is caring and sensitive to where everyone is on their personal and Jewish journeys.  We also have an amazing Shabbat experience!  Starting Friday afternoon we dress up to enjoy a Shabbat service filled with music followed by an incredible dinner together alongside a night of singing and dancing!  On Saturday your camper will participate in a Torah service at Eddie’s Corner and then spend the day choosing their favorite activities as we build towards Havdallah.
  • Water Activities – Not every Colorado camp is able to offer access to a pool!  The pool if one of the best places to hang out at camp on a warm day – we offer organized swim, free swim, water polo, pool parties and more!
  • Quality Horseback Riding – For decades Ranch Camp has been known nation-wide for our equestrian program and with good reason.  We offer an advanced riding program (EQ program) where campers get to work with the horses for 4 activity periods each day.  We now also offer a Beginner Horsemanship program for younger campers where campers ride/learn all morning!   Our staff are highly qualified and must complete a rigorous week long intensive certification process.
  • Program Diversity – As campers grow at Ranch Camp so do the challenging nature of their programs!  Beginning in 7th grade campers become eligible for different trip camp programs that take them on 4-day, 9- day and 21- day adventures.  These programs are designed to forge life-long friendships and to help teens learn and grow within their community and themselves.

Tell me about safety and security at Ranch Camp.

The emotional, physical and spiritual health, safety and well-being of our campers is our primary focus.

Supporting our these key needs at Ranch Camp:

  • On-Site Mirpa’ah (Health Center) staff including a registered nurse or physician available 24/7
  • Multiple Daily Health Calls (Open Clinic Hours)
  • Air-Conditioned Mirpa’ah with overnight capacity
  • Urgent Care Facilities 25 minutes away in Falcon, CO with open hours every day
  • Several major hospitals (St. Francis Hospital, Colorado Springs – SkyRidge Medical Center – Denver – Children’s Hospital, Parker) within 45 minutes drive
  • Flight for Life available 24/7
  • Local Ambulance Support within 10 minutes
  • Camp entrance monitored by video surveillance camera
  • On-Site security presence with a professional security guard
  • All spaces at camp equipped with smoke detectors and fire extinguishers
  • Staff and campers review and practice emergency procedures within the first 24 hours of each session
  • All staff are trained on emergency procedures, lost camper, major injury, intruder, active shooter and disaster preparedness as well as CPR/First Aid certified
  • Staff are background checked through multiple agencies, screened through personal interviews and reference checks
  • Staff are given continuous performance evaluations throughout the summer
  • 10 – 17 days of Pre-Camp on location Staff Training with pre-camp distance learning component.
  • Accredited by the American Camping Association
  • Annual Compliance with State Fire Inspection, State Licensing and Health Inspections.