Our Ranch Camp home sits on 380 acres of stunning private land in Elbert Colorado nestled in the Black Forest. Owned and operated by the Staenberg-Loup JCC, camp is accessible and awesome for campers entering 2nd through 11th grade, with content to match for each age bracket. Camp living is located within a central area split into two villages by age, surrounded by sprawling pine forest which serves as our activity space. With horseback riding, swimming, rock climbing, zip lining, mountain biking and more – every day is an adventure so come and explore our amazing summer playground! 


Within that inner living area, divided in half at the dining hall, are where our campers live! Camp is divided into two villages, named North and South Village, based on their location on the property. Younger campers live in the South Village, where they are close to the office and is more well-lit and centralized, and older campers live in North Village which has some more spacious cabins but is a little more spread out than South Village is.  

Each cabin is home to about twelve campers and a maximum of four staff during your campers’ stay at camp. Beds are bunk beds, with shelving and cubbies in between for campers to store their belongings. There’s room under each bed for campers to put their bags so they are out of their way during their stay. Each cabin has an outdoor porch that serves as a great hangout spot for kids during their free time.

Dining Hall

We are super excited to have a newly renovated Dining Hall!! This center of camp is where we meet as an entire community three times per day to share meals together so this space is hugely important to Ranch Camp culture.  A much needed update was given to this building in time for Summer 2015 and now reflects our love of being outdoors whenever possible!  With large, fold open glass doors and a large two-story porch, even in rainy weather the dining hall is a comfortable space to gather, re-charge and celebrate each day.  Did we mention that our food is delicious?!  Each summer we receive positive feedback on our food which is prepared fresh each meal avoiding whenever possible pre-packed, box time foods.  Instead we focus on meals from scratch and whole foods from our homemade challah on Shabbat to our home-style macaroni and cheese to our daily fresh salad and yogurt bars.  We accommodate a very large range of dietary requirements including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and corn-free as well as catering to specific allergies and restrictions.  Oh, and we are 100% Kosher always!!! (Supervised Kosher kitchen with all Kosher food and snacks for campers at all times)

Platform Tents

South of the south village is a special spot just for our oldest kids on trips! Our oldest kids live in a self-contained tent village with outdoor lighting and a private propane fire pit – just for their unit. The platform tents sleep 4 campers per tent, with staff tents interspersed between camper tents. Tents do not have electricity but do have lanterns for lightining, as well as solar lighting in between tents. Pack a headlamp!


While our bathrooms are not in our cabins – they also aren’t far away. Each bathroom has a light on the outside and has a pathway marked for campers at night. The showers are individual showers, not your old school multishower shared shower block. Additionally, each shower has a changing area where toiletries and towels can be hung. Bathrooms are heated, and despite what may be thought about overnight camps, have hot water.

Equestrian Facilities

Ranch Camp has one of the top western riding programs in the country and we invite you to join us to experience the beauty and magic of horses! Our facility includes:

  • 300+ Acre Pasture for over-nighting horses and for rest days.  Having our horses “free range” is better for the horse and helps keep them relaxed and healthy all summer long.
  • 3 large pastures where horses spend their days when they are not being used in lessons.
  • Large tack up arena for Ranch Program and medium sized tack up arena for the EQ Program.
  • 1 riding arena attached to main corral for Ranch Program and Beginner Horsemanship usage.
  • 2 riding arena for EQ in a nearby valley surrounded by hills and trees.
  • 400 acres of trails to be enjoyed by both EQ and Ranch Program participants.
  • Shaded helmet and boot storage area.
  • Covered hay storage.
  • Indoor space for ground lessons and rainy day programming.

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Private Housing Options

Perfect for families of four, our cottages resemble your typical studio apartment. Each cottage has a full bathroom with a bathtub and shower and a small kitchenette with a mini-fridge and microwave. Sleeping arrangements are flexible in cottages – each cottage typically has one queen bed, but twins can be moved in at your request. Every cottage has electricity and water.

Bungalow/Tiny Home
Making their Ranch Camp debut for Summer 2022, the bungalows will satisfy all your tiny home dreams. These incredible refurbished shipping containers are great for a family of three. Each bungalow has a bunk bed with a full bed on the bottom and a twin bed on top along with a full bathroom with a shower. Every bungalow has electricity and water.

One of our more rustic private housing options, the TASC tents are great for a family of four. The TASC tents do not have electricity or water but are equipped with twin beds for everyone in your family. Each TASC tent is on its own platform and nothing beats waking up to the birds chirping on a summer morning.