Food at camp is a thing to behold. We serve three meals a day to about 250 people per meal – a factory for all its intents and purposes! Meals at camp are camper friendly, nutritious and have a decent deal of variety. Every day across a session is different, and many meals share in the culture of the community of staff we bring from abroad.  

Every meal begins with a fun Hamotzi opened by the cabin of the day, and is closed with a very fun version of the Birkat HaMazon.

Dining Hall

Our 5,000 square foot ‘Chadar Ochel’ a.k.a. ‘Dining Hall’ a.k.a. ‘Chad’ seats up to 299 people. Campers sit with their cabins during meals so staff can supervise their behavior, food consumption, and make sure campers are getting the fuel they need to keep going throughout the day. All food is served buffet style, and each meal outside of Saturdays (Shabbat) has variety of hot options for campers to pick from. Breakfast is usually accompanied by a yogurt bar, cereal or oatmeal, while lunch and dinner are accompanied by a fully stocked salad bar. Keep your eyes peeled for our homemade babka on Shabbat! 


Ranch Camp’s dining hall is a supervised Kosher facility. All meat and dairy brought in is sealed until use and is reviewed for hechsher.

Dietary Concerns

Whatever unique food allergy your camper may have fret not. Not to make you feel bad, but you aren’t unique – we’ve probably seen it before. When you fill out your paperwork for camp, make sure to include information about your camper’s dietary needs and we’ll reach out if we have an issue fulfilling it.