Jun 13, 2018

Posted by: Kelsey O'Hara

Clouds Low, Spirits High

Session 1, Day 6

Most days at camp at gorgeously sunny, the skies clear and bright, not a cloud to be seen. But in Colorado, the weather is never guaranteed, and sometimes the wind blows cold, bringing in clouds and opening up to rain.

What started today as a light wind turned into a thunderstorm by the afternoon, delaying the start of chugs. Because of Ranch Camp’s elevation, potential lightning can pose a danger, so for safety’s sake, it was important for campers to stay in their cabins. However, this didn’t dampen the camper’s spirits. Many took advantage of the extended menucha (or rest hour) to write letters, read, and save up energy for the night’s activities. Other cabins made the rainy day as fun as they could, playing card games with their cabin or even having a dance party inside.

Though chugs were delayed, they were not cancelled, and after the worst of the storm abated the camp again gathered in the commons. The weather, now safe, was still a bit gray, and the campers happily joined in some rainy-day activities. Some played board games with friends, while others read or journaled. In another sheltered area, campers played more active games, like ninja or speedy rabbit, a game in which kids have to move fast or risk losing their spot in the circle. Some other campers gathered in the corral. Though the horses had been let out of the stables, as is protocol in the event of a storm, the kids were not upset by losing their opportunity to ride – instead, they were able to groom and paint on (with wet chalk, which washes out easily) the two horses who had not been let loose, and even got a hands-on lesson on how to rope a cow.

By the evening, the weather had improved even more, and after an afternoon inside, the campers were itching for some action. The excitement in the room was palpable as the evening program was announced – Mission Impossible. Cabins worked as teams to run around the camp in search of a staff member, posing as CIA agents. It was the campers’ job, once the staff member was found, to disguise them to be impossible to recognize by enemy agents. As the sun went down, the camp gathered in the Mo and watched the disguised staff, sporting the names and personalities that the campers gave them, compete in a Mr. and Mrs. Ugly contest.

As is true anywhere, things at Ranch Camp do not always go as planned, but this never puts a damper on the fun and excitement that permeates the community. The activities, chugs, and programs are always flexible, ready to adapt to the day and ensure that everyone is able to participate, no matter the circumstance.