Mar 15, 2024

Posted by: kskeen

Rachel Szurek

Rachel is so excited to be joining the Ranch Camp Community as of Spring 2024! As a Midwest gal, she grew up at camp as both a camper and counselor through her experience with Minnesota 4-H. As a teacher, she worked her summers at the JCC of Milwaukee’s summer day camp, Rainbow Day Camp.

Rainbow Day Camp was my first experience with camp as an adult, and to put it simply, I fell in love with camp. I started my first summer reluctantly, committing only 2-3 days of my week, thinking I would actually want some time “off” in my summer. I quickly realized that camp WAS my escape. Within a few weeks, I committed to being full-time for that summer. Camp had become my safe space, my pride and joy, and the place I always felt valued. In the succeeding years, I eventually took the leap from being a classroom teacher to joining the off-season camp team. And that is what brought me here!

*Please pardon my Wisconsin lingo, when I say, “Ope, let me squeeze by ya real quick to get to that bubbler!” Translation- “Excuse me, I need to use the water fountain!” 

Camp is where my heart is. I’m convinced that camp people are some of the best out there. I am thrilled to be stepping into this role, a true dream job. I am excited to create a space for others to experience the magic of camp!