Feb 02, 2022

Posted by: Charlie Sommers

Jenny Cline

When Jenny’s husband, Matt, was recruited to Ranch Camp after spending a year at the main JCC office, Jenny piggy-backed to Ranch Camp on the coattails of his highly desirable skills. In April 2021, she stood on the snowy rock behind the office at Ranch Camp and breathed in the glorious clean air of the Black Forest and prayed that Ryan wanted them there… because she was in love. 
I was born in Denver and raised in the glorious land of 1000 lakes (Minnesota). I started my first massage therapy business in 2010 in Minneapolis, MN, just as the recession was really hitting folks hard. Everyone told me it was a terrible time to start a small business but life catapulted me forward and I’ve never regretted it. For the most part I’ve played support staff to the people caring for the children of my world, a role in which I have always felt very comfortable. I’ve spent many hours dedicating my time to the literacy of young people, with the firm belief that if you can read, you can learn absolutely anything.
I spent 2 years as a volunteer at the Family Tree’s Karliss Family Center, supervising visits for non- custodial parents. I’ve had a million different jobs from ostrich wrangler to kitten nursemaid. Landscaper, farmer, polo groom, bus girl, coffee slinger, EMT, business owner. I wander and adventure and try my hand at as many things as I can. All the while maintaining my massage practice wherever I go.
My feet have been planted here, in Elbert, since May 2021. The ground here feels steady, nurturing and full of amazing possibilities. I am so looking forward to my future terms at Ranch Camp and the adventures, struggles, new faces and experiences it will bring.
I am support staff. So incredibly proud to support the rock stars here at Ranch Camp.