Mar 16, 2022

Posted by: Hoffman

The sweet smell of spring on the horizon

With Purim right around the corner, and the sweet smell of spring on the horizon, it must mean summer camp will be here in the blink of an eye – and I couldn’t be more excited.  

As we look forward to a very full, ideally quasi-normal camp experience this summer, I look back two months ago to when the outlook was a little more bleak. Most of our in person events were cancelled, and many of our visits to local Hebrew schools were postponed or moved to virtual events. This impacted the number of young campers we got to meet, greet, and welcome to our family. If your friends who have kids in grades Kindergarten through 5th grade – reach out to us. We can help you save money on camp through parlor events or other gatherings.  

We recently rolled out our vaccine policy for campers and staff this summer. We truly appreciate the kind words of support and compassion we’ve received from our camp community. The protocols we have in place will help us have a more normal, safe, and fun summer, making even more memories with a more globally interconnected community than ever before. Next week, I’ll be heading to meet with our thirty Israeli staff, all whom are very excited to be at camp and joining our Ranch Camp family.  

Chag Purim sameach, please dress up, smile, be kind to each other, and practice tikkun olam. If you ski in Colorado, I look forward to sitting on I-70 with you.