Nov 17, 2021

Posted by: Admin

Thanks… for Giving us your campers!

Happy November! I hope everyone is enjoying their autumn and getting excited for some family time together in the upcoming week, and, if winter sports are your thing, praying for some more snow to get some action out on the slopes. See you in Breckenridge!  

I have spent the past 23 days in utter amazement at how registration has gone so far. I haven’t seen the speed of registration like this in a long, long time. We’re making amazing headway towards being full for summer 2022, all done in under a month of opening registration. If you have friends or family who has not yet registered for camp, give them a nudge and let them know that the time to register is not in January, February, or March, but now. We’ve got more than a few programs with waitlists and space is already at a premium.  

We’ve begun meeting with staff for next summer – who only share our community’s sentiment in returning to camp for 2022. Whether they are new for this year, returning from 2021 or 2019, or coming from abroad to join our family, every person we’ve spoken to is itching to get back to our camp family and spend another summer together on the Ranch. We’re excited to see our Jewish community from abroad, Israel, the UK, Uganda, Australia, Argentina, and more, make their return to us for summer 2022. I’m thrilled to share that we’ve already begun the review of prospects from both Argentina and Israel and have been very excited about the people we’ve met so far. We’re planning on having the highest proportion of international staff present at the camp, ever, in summer 2022, to bring people together from around the world together at Ranch Camp, and create a unique space of cultural exchange and immersion that hasn’t been present before.  

On an entirely different note, we’ve gotten more than a few questions about COVID regulations for this next summer. In the coming weeks, we’ll be updating our website to a new FAQ section regarding COVID/healthcare practices for next year. At this point, and I imagine for some time, we will not have answers on policies regarding masking, testing, or vaccination requirements until we get a little more guidance from the state and its associated regulatory agencies. As always, our main vaccination policies stand for next summer, and all campers in attendance must be fully vaccinated per child care & school-age requirements unless there is a medical exemption. 

As you sit down to a smoked turkey, which in my opinion, is the only way turkey should be prepared, please urge anyone interested in Ranch for next summer to give us a call and get registered. We’re seeing record numbers of campers joining us next summer and, as I mentioned, spots are filling up faster than ever before.  

Enjoy your Thanksgiving, eat a lot of food, and spend some quality time with your family.  

Camp on! 

Ryan Bocchino
Ranch Camp Director