Our Communication Brit Kehillah (or contract) is our commitment to you while your camper is in our care this summer.

What You Can Except During the Session

We will try our very hardest to ensure that you receive:

  • 100-150 photos of camp posted every other day to your CampInTouch Account, except for Saturday (Shabbat). Photos are often posted late at night and will be ready to view in the morning. We only have satellite internet at camp, which requires us to travel offsite to upload photos. We appreciate your patience as photos get uploaded during your child’s session.
  • Photos from backpacking trips (Toshavim, TASC, Pack n’ Ride & Teen Village) will be uploaded before the end of the
    camp session. The priority when those campers return to camp is getting them de-geared, cleaned and less smelly.
  • 2 Blog Posts each week telling the story of camp – posted on our website and social media pages.
  • 4 social media posts per week with the exception of Shabbat.
  • 1 “First Time Camper Call” to all first-time camper families within the first 72-hours of camp.
  • Returned phone calls and/or email within 24-hours at a maximum.
  • 1 personalized update about your full session camper and their unit from your camper’s bunk and unit staff.
  • Emailed confirmation of your transportation selections before the first and last days of camp.

We will also contact you throughout the session with other information and whenever there is a need to update you on your camper’s health, behavior, or emotional well-being.

Please feel free to contact us any time at 303-648-3800.

CampMinder Photos

Photos will be posted every-other-day Sunday-Friday each week. Please note that our internet connection is very limited and we might not be able to post photos every day.

We will be using CampMinder Summer Services to post pictures of your children while they are at camp. Good News! This is the same database you used to fill out your camper forms!

You can check your account each day during the session to view pictures. It is completely free to view the pictures but there is a charge to purchase the pictures online. To access photos, use the following link or visit our website (www.ranchcamp.org) and choose “Account Login.”

To view photos, log into your CampInTouch Account and choose the link for “Photos.” Here you can choose which day you would like to view.  You will also need to select which album you would like to view, i.e. July 14th – Ranch Camp (Note: We share this system with our JCC Day Camp, Camp Shai, so please make sure you select the Ranch Camp album which viewing photos.)

Photos are often posted late at night and will be ready to view in the morning. We only have satellite internet at camp, which requires us to travel offsite to upload photos. We appreciate your patience as photos get uploaded during your child’s session.


Snail Mail, Packages & Email

Child’s Name – c/o JCC Ranch Camp
Cabin #___ (optional)
21441 N. Elbert Road
Elbert, CO 80106

A steady flow of mail to and from home can help promote your child’s positive feelings about camp and about being away from home. Packing self-addressed envelopes, stationery, and stamps will help facilitate the flow of mail from campers to home. The Ranch Camp delivers all outgoing mail to the Elbert Post office daily (except Sundays) by 1 pm.

Mail for Campers on Trip Programs
If your camper(s)  are participating on TASC, Teen Village, or Pack ‘n Ride, please note that mail is collected at camp for campers while they are away on their tripping programs and then is distributed to them upon their return to camp.  We will attempt to do a mail drop for our Teen Village campers.

Please limit the total number of packages sent to ONE per parent/guardian. Focus on letters and CampInTouch emails. If your camper receives more than one box package per parent/guardian during the session (unless you have received approval) we will notify you and hold the package until the end of camp. You may send non-food items such as games, cards, etc. DO NOT SEND FOOD IN CARE PACKAGES! Food in bunks attracts critters and interferes with our allergen-friendly environment and Kashrut supervision.

CampMinder Emails
You can also send emails via your CampInTouch Account and click on “Email” located on your welcome page. You will need to use CampStamps (accessed through your CampInTouch account) to send emails to your camper(s). You can attach photos and games, such as crossword puzzles, to your emails for an additional charge.  Each day we will print your emails and they will be placed in cabin mailboxes along with letters.


JCC Ranch Camp’s summer office phone number is 303-648-3800. We encourage your calls, and are happy to answer any questions. We will not put your child on the phone, unless, of course, it is an emergency. Should you have a family event (i.e. birthday), please contact us ahead of time to discuss how to celebrate.

Phone calls between campers and parent/guardians during the session tend to create or prolong homesickness. Barring an emergency or an extenuating circumstance, campers will not be allowed to call home during the session.


There are NO visiting days during camp sessions. This policy is in place because parent/guardian visitations can not only prove incredibly disruptive to the “camper experience” but also tend to create or intensify homesickness.

Camper Care Communication

Each unit at camp has a Camper Care staff member. This role’s sole responsibility of the social/emotional needs of campers in their unit.

Camper Care staff will be in touch if a camper*…

  • Is struggling to overcome challenges outside of a normal time frame (i.e. homesickness)
  • Is struggling to overcome social/emotional challenges outside of a normal time frame
  • Is unable to follow the rules outlined in the Behavior Contract
  • Is causing harm to self, others, or the space around them
  • Has to spend the night in the Health Clinic or needs to be taken home to recover
  • Needs to be seen by a healthcare professional outside of camp
  • Requires a new prescription medication while at camp
  • Is a “frequent visitor” to our Health Clinic

* Parent/guardians will not be contacted for minor physical or emotional health issues, such as scrapes, small abrasions, non-repetitive headaches, stomachaches, normal levels of homesickness, etc.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions this summer! 

p: 303-648-3800
e: ranchcamp@jccdenver.org