Tiyulim, or ‘Trips,’ is our oldest group of kids at camp. All Tiyulim participants split their time between camp and the Colorado wilderness, where they will have the opportunity to connect with one another and the natural world in a new way. Tiyulim trips range from 6 – 25 days, with some being on foot and others on horse, and are treated as Mesaot, or ‘journeys’ of a lifetime.  

Each trip challenges, inspires, and connects teens with themselves, as they learn to embody Shomrei Adamah, or ‘being guardians of the earth,’ while forging connections through the majesty and power of wilderness spaces. 

Tiyulim Life

Campers in our Tiyulim program have the opportunity to travel through Colorado’s beautiful wilderness. This allows campers to get all of the classic Ranch Camp activities they’ve grown to love while also connecting deeply with nature through our backcountry experiences.

All of our Ranch Camp Tiyulim help campers build their Jewish identities by teaching our values of: Tikkun Olam (healing the world) through trail work service projects, Shomrei Adamah (protecting and guarding the earth) through hands-on experiences like visiting a wolf refuge and repelling down waterfalls, and much more.

Tiyulim campers emerge from their sessions as camp leaders, sharing their tales from the trails with younger campers upon returning to Ranch Camp. 

Tiyulim Options


  • TASC, aka the Teen Adventure Service Corps, embarks on outdoor adventures that include multi-day backpacking, rafting, and camp-based service projects. 
  • ‘TASCers’ will split their time between camp and wilderness, spending a little under half of their session at camp living in their own village, replete with a separate campfire and outdoor space. 
  • TASC campers spend the bulk of their time at camp fostering teamwork as they prepare for their trips. Campers will be packing, gearing, and learning to care for themselves, to deepen their sense of independence. This is not something you will find in other camp programs. 
  • Those applying for TASC should have a passion for the outdoors, prior camping experience, and not mind a little grit with their breakfast. Shoes and backpacks should be broken in prior to arriving at camp. 

TASC Sample Itinerary 

  • 6-day backpacking trip outside Granby, CO. 
  • 1 day service project and lake day. 
  • 1 day whitewater rafting adventure. 
  • 1 day spent traveling home!

Pack N' Ride

  • Pack n’ Ride is the ultimate equine experience for campers who have grown up participating in EQ or who already possess some riding experience outside of camp. Campers can expect to spend 4 or more hours a day on trail rides through Red Feather Lakes, alongside a guiding service. 
  • Campers are required to submit a riding video of themselves prior to being accepted into the Pack n’ Ride Program. This is due to the intense riding focus of the program, which will challenge campers physically, and ensures the health and safety of both riders and horses.  
  • Campers on Pack n’ Ride will split their time between camp and the mountains. Prior to the 6-day trip at Red Feather Lakes, campers will get some riding practice in, pack their gear and food, and get to know their peers and have the time of their lives. 

Pack n’ Ride Sample Itinerary 

  • 6-day riding trip in State Forest State Park near Red Feather Lakes.
  • 1 rest day at campsite and hot springs time.
  • 1 day of travel back home!

Teen Village

  • Teen village is the ultimate outdoor camp experience, offering limited slots and times available. This option is designed for campers who have gone through TASC and are looking to bite off a bit more challenge in the upcoming year. With a 25-day timestamp, Teen Village is an outdoors commitment that will push campers’ boundaries and challenge them to be the best they can be. 
  • Often referred to by campers as a life changing and unique experience, Teen Village will cultivate a deep connection to nature while inspiring lifelong bonds with participating teens. This 2,000-mile road trip will take campers all over Colorado to explore hidden gems. 
  • Teen Village will spend most of their time outside—camping and cooking for themselves—even while at Ranch Camp. Campers should be familiar with being outdoors and feel comfortable living out of a backpack for the duration of their program. 

Teen Village Sample Itinerary 

  • Teambuilding, gear checks, and pack out.
  • Mission Wolf & Great Sand Dunes. 
  • 10-Day backpacking trip through the Continental Divide.
  • Shabbat in Durango. 
  • Western Colorado adventure near Telluride, with camping, rappelling, and rock climbing.
  • Multi-day hike with a ‘14er’ summit attempt near Leadville.
  • Return to camp for Shabbat and final campfire.