The Outdoor Specialty Camp is designed for campers in the Metapsim (5 – 6) and Toshavim (7 – 9) age groups who crave thrilling, outdoor experiences.

Campers can look forward to experiencing in-depth the best of Ranch Camp’s outdoors activities in this new and exhilarating addition to camp.

In OA, Campers will defy their own limits, push their boundaries, discover themselves, and engage in heart-pounding excitement during this unparalleled opportunity. From the budding outdoor enthusiast to die-hard outdoors person, OA has something for everyone. 


  • Endless possibilities for fun, including climbing, zip-lining, mountain biking, archery, and more. 
  • Trained and certified, field-expert staff to ensure camper safety. 
  • Activity groups placement based on age and ability, to guarantee a tailored and supportive experience. 
  • Progression from beginner to intermediate in various skills, including outdoor cooking, wilderness survival, and more. 
  • Unforgettable, overnight camping trip to bond with fellow campers around a campfire, under the stars. 
  • Exciting field-trip venture beyond the campsite for extra activities like white water rafting. 

Experience the Outdoors Like Never Before

Finding routes on the climbing wall; zip lining through the treetops; whistling down Bone Rattler on a mountain bike; finding the best spot to hammock on a hike in the Outer 400; serving up a feast in outdoor cooking; honing your archery skills; and, learning how to navigate with a map and compass and build the best shelter are just some of the exciting activities that await you at OA. 

Campers will spend most of their mornings engaging in OA programming, and then choose their own adventures for the afternoon’s free-choice activity time. OA is split into two age groups, with the younger group diving into on-site adventuring and the older ones traveling off-site for added fun.  


Dates and Rates

Dates and Rates

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Dates and Rates