This page will serve as a living document with broad scope practices surrounding COVID-19 spread mitigation at camp in 2022. This page will be updated as we get closer and closer to camp.

What will your masking policy be?

As of December ’21, it is too far off to determine what our policy regarding distancing, protocols, masking, etc. will be over the course of summer ’22. We will keep families updated throughout the Spring.

Are you requiring vaccinations?

Currently, all JCC Denver employees without an active religious or medical exemption are required to provide proof of vaccination. This will be the case for all employees of Ranch Camp in 2022.

Pediatric vaccines cannot currently be required for campers, but this may be a part of requirement for attendance in the future. There is already a place on the school-age immunization form to provide record of it. Refunds will not be issued for campers who cannot comply with attendance requirements.

As always, attending children must be fully up-to-date on vaccines listed both on the Colorado childcare center vaccine requirements, as well as the Colorado public school vaccination requirements. You can get a full list of those, here.

Will my child be able to see their sibling/friend/peer who is not in their bunk?

Absolutely! This was the case in summer 2021 and will be the case again in summer 2022. While we are not sure exactly what cohorting at camp will look like in 2022, we are planning on having programs structured in a more socially diverse way than 2021. The ultimate turnout of programmatic flexibility will be determined by government regulations leading up to camp.

Will testing be a part of my campers summer?

We anticipate having negative test results be an entry requirement into camp, and anticipate having on-site testing be a part of our health checks as well as mitigation efforts at the start of each session.

Looking for our 2021 policies?

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