Wanna be a StarGazer?

Ranch Camp’s counselors live and breathe the mission of the J–they are the heartbeat and rhythm to which Ranch marches and without them, we wouldn’t be able to provide our children with this uniquely Jewish summer experience.

Become a StarGazer today and join a special group of individuals who appreciate the time and effort it takes to be a Ranch Camp counselor.

Become a StarGazer

A StarGazer is a person who believes in infinite possibilities. Our goal for this year is to support 82 counselors. Our Ranch Camp counselors significantly impact our campers’ lives and help shape the future of our beloved Jewish youth.

Ensure the legacy of Ranch Camp and provide youth with positive role models for life. The best part of becoming a StarGazer is being able to give a gift that feels good to you.

StarGazer Appreciation:
  • StarGazer Club Celebration Day on August 19, 2018
  • StarGazer Club T-Shirt
  • Invitations to private Ranch Camp events

How it Works

A counselor support gift can be provided in a variety of ways:

  1. One annual gift
  2. 3 summer-month installments
  3. Monthly for one year


Counselor Dedications

25 of 82 counselors have been supported. Continue to help us reach our goal of fully supporting all 82 counselors.

  • Anne Hromadka
  • Noah Gallagher
  • Jacob Zall
  • Paul Gonzer
  • Matthew Anger
  • Eric Anger
  • Max Anger
  • Lauren H. Parsons
  • Samuel Friedman
  • Cassie Kirschbaum
  • Marla Snyder
  • Leah Markman
  • Mathew Markman
  • Gina McReynolds
  • Jarrah Fry

Help us support 82 counselors this summer!

Help us reach our goal and ensure the legacy of Ranch Camp and provide youth with positive role models for life.

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