Discounts + Promos

Camper Referral Program

Earn a $100 camp credit for every child you refer to Ranch Camp who registers based on this referral. A referral cannot be a sibling and children should be a first-time Ranch Campers. Please notify our office of prospective campers who you are referring; once they enroll, you will be issued your referral credit.

Combo Session Discount

Combine Session 1+2 (to make a 5-week session) or 2+3 (to make a 6-week session) and receive a 10% discount off the more expensive of the camp sessions/programs.

Achla Session Discount

The Achla Session is from June 11 – July 11 and is our month long session option.  This is a combination of Session I and Session II which includes intersession camp between the sessions.  You can combine any age eligible programs.  Ex.  Session I Ranch and Session II EQ or Session I Ranch and Session II Ranch w/ Sports Track or Session I TASC and Session II TASC.  Trip camps will use different routes and itineraries in Sessions I and II so you could get the chance to experience new wilderness areas!

Achla Discount: 10% off the more expensive session (either Session I or Session II) Intersession programming included (June 25 – 27)

Sibling Discount

Save $50 when you sign a sibling up for camp!

For multiple siblings, take 10% of the average tuition.  (Add all tuition amounts together and divide by the number of campers to find your average tuition amount.  Take 10% off this! ex. Sibling #1 = $3000 and Sibling #2 = $4000 and Sibling #3 = $4000 then your average tuition would be $3,666.67 making your discount $366.67)

One Happy Camper Grant

First time campers should apply for a One Happy Camper Grant to receive $700-$1000 off their camp session.  Requires that this be your first summer attending a Jewish overnight camp and attend for a minimum of 12 days.  Click HERE to apply.

Session I – III: $700 Off

Achla Session or Teen Village: $1,000 Off