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Why Stumpy’s Stampede?

Why is our race called the Stumpy’s Stampede?  Who or what is Stumpy?

Our trail run is affectionately named after a classic camp “ghost” named Stumpy.  Though the tale of Stumpy is different at each camp you visit, the gist of each of these varied legends is that campers must beware of sneaking out of their cabins at night without letting staff members know in case Stumpy might be on the prowl to snatch mis-behaving campers.  Even though we have all come to realize that Stumpy really is just a legend there are many times when even seasoned staff members find themselves running quickly though camp late at night…just in case J

Looking deeper the Stumpy’s Stampede is in honor of all the wonderful camp stories and memories that have kept us entertained and inspired for generations!

Race Schedule

9:00am – Day-off Registration and Packet Pick-Up

9:15am – Line up, welcome message and sponsor thank you

9:30am – Race Start! (10K runners will line up at the front of the pack)

10:45am – Mac-a-Dash (Obstacle Course Fun Run)

11:00am – Awards

11:00am – Post Race Snacks and Entertainment!

Course Description
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Stumpy Stampede 5K/10K Trail Run is taking place at the JCC Ranch Camp.  The JCC Ranch Camp is a residential summer camp located in Elbert, Colorado.  Located in the Black Forest at 6,719 ft (2,048 m) our topography is gentle, rolling forested hills that are often covered in late summer wild flowers.  Fall also brings out deer, wild turkeys and Abert’s squirrels!

Our run will be held entirely on dirt roads and trail.  Our trail is generally smooth but there will be occasional rocks and ruts in the road. We will have water stations throughout the run and, should you have any issues, medical staff on-site with vehicles to assist you in returning to the start line.

Stumpy Course MapOur course begins with a short jog through camp and past cabins.  The trail will  head towards the entrance gate and you will run on a wide dirt road that will roll down with a short U-turn to gain distance through gorgeous tree cover before sending you on the longest (and only) sharp uphill.  Once you reach the top of the road the trail will narrow into tracks as you continue on relatively flat ground through Daisy’s Meadow.  The views here are spectacular as you pass by clusters of trees, rocks and campsites.  Soon you will pass into a path surrounded by trees which will wind down and along a natural canal before breaking out of the trees into the Upper Meadow.  This rolling meadow will take you gradually downhill and past distant trees and rock formations.  Finally, you will return into the trees to head downhill past Eddie’s Corner and the sport field leading up to the finish line!

**Note: 10K runners will enjoy this amazing course twice so if you missed something the first time you will have a chance to enjoy it the second time around!

Directions and Parking

The Stumpy’s Stampede 5K/10K Trail run is being held at the JCC Ranch Camp in Elbert Colorado.  Elbert is located in the Black Forest, which is just over an hour SE of Denver and approximately 45 minutes NE of Colorado Springs.  We are located at 6,719 ft (2,048 m) and our topography is gentle, rolling forested hills that are often covered in late summer wild flowers.  Fall also brings out deer, wild turkeys and Abert’s squirrels!

Please use the below directions or use google maps. NOTE!! GPS software and other map sites often do not locate our site correctly!! Please be sure to use these alternate sites with caution and double check all directions with our written directions and google maps.

Driving Directions for Ranch Camp

Once you arrive, you will follow direction to our parking lot outside of the Office and late comers will be directed to park next to our horse corral.  Please pay attention to the parking attendant!

Rules and FAQ’s

Medical Support: Should you require medical assistance, we will have an EMT on-site to assist you.  If you need support in reaching the EMT from the trail we will have volunteers available to drive you off the course and/or to provide you will short cuts back to race “base camp” should you require a shorter finish but not transportation.  Please stay on the course until help arrives – do not try to find your own way back to the race start without assistance!!

Stay on the Course: Should you need to shorten your run experience for any reason, please let a volunteer along the course know and we will assist you down either with a medical support vehicle OR provide you with a guide to help you reach the race “base camp” via a shorter route.  Please stay to the marked course to prevent any “lost” runners.

Dogs: Pets are very welcome at the run!  Please make sure to leave have your dog on a leash at all times.  Water bowls will be provided at all water stations along the way!

Awards: Awards will be given to the 1st – 3rd place winners (male/female) of both the 5K Run and 10K Run.  Everyone is a winner of the Mac-a-Dash Fun Obstacle Course!

T-Shirts: All 5K/10K registrants will receive a 100% Cotton white/black t-shirt which you will be able to tie-dye post-race so your race shirt will be one of a kind!  (Tie-dyed shirts will be sent home with you with washing directions in a zip-loc bag.) Mac-a-Dash participants will not receive a t-shirt.  Additional shirts can be purchased in advance for $10.

Post-Race:  Snacks, music, vendors and food will be provided after the race!

Complimentary Childcare:  Volunteers will be providing complimentary childcare during the race ONLY.  Please drop your child off and sign-in before the start of the race.  You will be given a tag which you will need to provide, along with your photo ID, in order to pick your child up after the race.  We can only accept children that are potty trained.  Activities will be provided during the race.  Please pick your child up immediately after the race, before attending the post-race activities.  You will need to RSVP for child care in advance; day-of drop-ins may not be accepted.

Refund Policy:  We will not be providing refunds if you cannot attend the race.  However, you can transfer your registration to someone else or your entry fee will be put down as a tax deductible donation to the JCC Ranch Camp Scholarship Fund.

Promotional Codes:  If you have a promotional code, please enter this at the time of registration.  It will not be possible to use a promo code retroactively.  Each promo code will apply to anyone you are registering at the time.

Early Bird Registration: Discounted registration will be available until July 15th.


What makes this race so “campy”? 

Well, first of all, we are at a summer camp!  You will be hanging out and running past camp buildings, cabins and activity areas.  And what is more campy then tie-dye?  You will have a chance to tie-dye your race shirt after the race.  All finishers will be given an otter pop as they cross the finish line and you will enjoy some classic camp snacks post-race! (Grilled cheese and tomato soup, anyone?)  Oh who doesn’t want to run a race where horses will be helping to guide the course?!

Who am I supporting with my entry fee? 

A part of your entry fee goes to support the JCC Ranch Camp Camper Scholarship Fund.  This fund is for families who want to send their kids to camp but need financial support to do so.  Summer camp is an amazing growth experience for youth, strengthening their independence, confidence, grit, and relationship building skills.  Ranch Camp also has a strong connection with outdoor education and teen campers will learn beginner – advanced backpacking skills which begins them a journey of being life-long supporters and lovers of the outdoors.  This can transfer directly into healthier lifestyles and choices.  Ranch Camp also fosters a strong Jewish identity and connection to the Jewish culture.  JCC Ranch Camp welcomes people of all faiths to attend camp and discover the beauty and importance of Judaism and having a strong, positive values system.  For more information on JCC Ranch Camp visit www.ranchcamp.org.

Wow, this place sounds great!  Can my kid come to camp here? 

Of course!  Check out our website for program information.  We still have opening for the 2015 camping season and will open enrollment in October 2015 for next summer.  We would love to have your child join us!

Will the course be timed?

The Stumpy’s Stampede is first and foremost a fun run.  While our course has been walked and GPS’ed at 5K/10K, our course has not been professionally measured or certified.  However, we will be offering a timing option for runners who are interested.  Please stay tuned to learn more about how we will be running timing for this year’s race!

My kid is not potty trained but he/she is really cool, can I leave them at the complimentary childcare?

We are sorry but we can only accept children who are potty trained in our childcare.  Remember you must pick you child up immediately after the race and before enjoying the post-race festivities.  You most also sign up in advance!!

Can I run/walk with my stroller on the course?

The course, as stated under course description, is over dirt road, paths and single track.  Basically, it would be a pretty bumpy stroller experience!  We do not recommend taking strollers on the course.  If you choose to do so, please expect bumps, rocks, up and down hills and one natural “step” down that is about 12 inches.  Please do so at your own risk!

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